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(Unofficial)Suggestion Links Megathread
This is a redirection thread that exists to collect all of the Suggestion ideas in one point.
This should make it easier to sort and discuss them as well as make them easier to find.
Assuming Eric approves, it would be useful as a sticky.

Disclaimer: This thread is not created or maintained by VENT. The order the suggestions are placed in and the comments around them should not be taken as an official stance by VENT, those are just design choices by a forum user.

Warning: Please keep discussion of the content of the threads to the threads themselves, this thread is only intended to host and discuss the links themselves, not suggestion discussion.

Ive excluded suggestion i cant clearly understand and most that im 100% sure are already implemented. Items where there is ambiguity if they are implemented yet are labelled as such.

If you know of any suggestions you would like to see on this thread, post below it or PM me. As my signature says, i can be found on the IRC whenever i'm online in the VENT forums.
I would also like to know if the categories are ok. I mostly just tried to keep the categories fairly small, so they may not be overly useful.

A Bracket around the link shows that thread deals with multiple topics. This is usually something we should avoid(suggestion threads should only contain one subject) but it does happen accidentally on occasion.

Categories ( just to make it easier to read):
  • R&D
    • R&D Vehicle Design
    • R&D Component Design
    • Showroom/R&D View screen
    • R&D general and Other
  • Marketing
  • World Map/Mega Menu
  • Factories or Production in General
  • Transportation/Distribution
  • Office/Message System
  • HR
  • Proposed Reports
  • Technical discussions
  • Racing
  • Event Propositions
  • Unit/Measurement/Label Discussions
  • Confirmation popups Required
  • Marques and Buying Companies
  • General Game Mechanics Suggestions
  • Other
  • Implemented(Afaik)
  • Wont be Implemented (As stated by devs in thread)


R&D Vehicle Design

(1) Trim cost should scale to degree of change from original

1 Option to allow all vehicle bodies for all vehicle classes

1 Luxury features/Tickboxes in Vehicle designer

1 Possible Exploits in cheap Vehicle design

1 Date entry on Models in "Load Vehicle"

(1) Custom Paint Colors
More Body Parts

1 Make Body Design Optional
Default body designs available on installation

R&D Component Design

1 Hide discontinued components

1 Gearbox tech sliders should alter manufacturing reqs

Gearbox Assisted design should give wider options on cost

Showroom/R&D View screen:

1 Second overall rating relative to other vehicles in class

1 Show targeted demographic in showroom/R&D view vehicle

R&D Modify and Contracting Screens:

1 Cost balancing of "Modify button" in R&D
Change the modify system to allow 20-30% modification of non structure sliders in your original design

1 Military Engine Contracting

1 Tank/Contracting/Fleets/Military (that thread got derailed like crazy mostly by me)

1 Option to terminate a contract for a part

R&D general and Other:

1 Accelerate the rate of stat degradation of designs

(1) More UI feedback - Moving sliders should change star rating

(1) 2 R&D area designer UI suggestions (spaced across the screen or with one button to open all) (also having the Design Body Screen open automatically first)

1 Consistent Length/Width slider position

1 Design project cost exponential increase towards max

1 User, Marque and Company defined default slider positions

1 General Research Teams GUI suggestions

1 Display the hidden primary and secondary ratings of vehicles (like dependability)

(1) Button next to "Build" button which will give a design a designation based on its stats

1 Windows should clear when you design new component


(1) Broad base cost should reflect number of marques

1 Marketing suggestion to reduce clicks, being able to set marketing for each type for all vehicles.

World Map/Mega Menu:

1 Factory and Branch resizing sliders should default to their current side in the resize option

1 Redesign factory/branch greyed out if already used in the turn

1 List sorting in mega menu
Mega menu scrollable with mouse wheel/keys
Up down button in mega menu move smaller increments

1 2 Sub-Regions/ Division of current regions

1 stopping List resets in mega menu

1 More color increments in map filter

Factories or Production in General:

1Late Game(1960-70+) factories should have lower Cost/Upkeep.

1 Factory range problems

(1) Factory Overview Screen

1 Redesign factory/branch greyed out if already used in the turn

1 Low tech/Low slider Factory Balancing

1 Factories have written descriptions like vehicles

1 2 Feedback during gameplay informing you how long until a factory is completed.

1 Factory and Branch resizing sliders should default to their current side in the resize option

(1) In Depth Another Approach Automated Production AI

1 City Name added to Factory Construction message

1 Factory - slider click smaller amounts
Shirt or cntrl click for larger amounts

1 Finer granulation of factory production


1 Transportation

1 (2) Limit factories to prevent Trans-Atlantic shipping

1 Replace a model in distribution with another

Office/Message System:

1 Tooltips in the office

1 2 Magazine suggestions

1 Chalkboard in the office that lists vital statistics
(Partly implemented through end turn report?????)

1 Locking the time of Day in the office

1 Notices when new tech becomes available

1 Navigate message system through up/down keys


(1) Reduce your entire labour force(all types) by a specific amount

1 $0 funding research projects should be hidden

Share/Bank Screens:

(1) 2 Shareholder influence

1 input box for selecting place on share purchase slider

1 Wealthy Companies Shouldn't have monthly splits right after IPO

Proposed Reports:

1 Add vehicle year to demand Report

1 2 Vehicle Demographics report i.e. how much a demographic age group actually likes your vehicle

1 Prediction of sales figures in a city

1 Summary of assets of recently bought Company
Competitor specific report with wide amounts of information on a specific competitor

Technical discussions: (e.g. Engine Specifications/inclusions)

1 Rotary Engines
Turbine Engines

(1) 2 Radial Engines

1 In depth discussion on drive-trains, valve types/number, fuel types and fuel system

1 many many specific engine specifications suggestions

1 Electric engine overhauls

1 Different drive-trains have different engine bay dimensions

1 Luxury, Comfort and safety should have more influence on weight
Top speed limitations due to chassis type (partly implemented due to drag coefficient afaik)


1 Several racing teams in the same series

1 Proposals for detailed racing systems

1 Racing Budget per month instead of per year

Event Propositions:

1 International Events/Exhibitions

1 Get offers to buy bankrupt companies

1 Legal fees as an extra expense/legal events

Unit/Measurement/Label Discussions:

(1) AI Vehicle/Company naming

(1) Different measure of Acceleration Pre 1910

1 Power and Torque displayed as KW

1 What to name "Cargo space" as it reflects more than just cargo

1 Closed poll on unit of measurement in R&D screen

Confirmation popups Required:

1 Confirmation on save delete

1 Confirmation on end production

(1) Confirmation on exit

1 Confirmation/warning uninstall deletes user files

Marques and Buying Companies:

(1) Discontinue marques
Restart discontinued marques

1 (2) Tedious redistribution of assets after buying a company

1 More independent marques

1 Get offers to buy bankrupt companies

General Game Mechanics Suggestions:

1 Regional Limitations (Like the Eastern Bloc countries)

1Vehicle Reputation
Awards for having a vehicle that beats others in a certain aspect

1 Lobbying effect on factory price should be delayed
Lobbying Suggestions

1 Starting Scenario suggestions

1 Objective/Goals suggestions

1 Gearcity ingame vehicle price suggestions

1 Possible (grahpic)designs that could be added to each vehicle type

(1) Unlimited money game/option for testing/experimentation

1 Skip to Date Button

(1) Back ordering Vehicles

1 Second overall rating relative to other vehicles in class

1 Spare parts sales

1 Legal fees as an extra expense/legal events

1 Pensions as an expense

1 General discussion on increasing difficulty

1 International sales (some sheik from a distant country buying a few of your sports cars)

1 Problems with the credit rating system.

1 Localization/Regulation costs


1 Remove the Restart when changing options

(1) Unlimited/Custom Money
Custom Starting Times

1 More Vehicle Variations (Truck/Bus)

1Suggestions for Special Editions of the game

1 Esc key to exit any window your in

1 Wider Variety of Screen Resolutions

1 French Translation

1 2 More/Better music

1 Australia should be set to minor war duing WW1


2 End Turn report (IMPLEMENTED)

1 Top 50 and 100 reports (IMPLEMENTED)

Wont be Implemented (As stated by devs in thread)

1 Car guarantees/Warranties

As a final reminder/note, please keep discussion of the content of the threads to the threads themselves, this thread is only intended to host and discuss the links themselves, not suggestion discussion.
/// Reserved ///

Edits are going to be frequent so i dont intend to keep a full changelog like my FAQ thread.

adding 5 suggestions and 1 new suggestion in an existing thread

4 Suggestions added ending in assisted Design- Gearbox

2 suggestions implemented 4 new added ending in Add vehicle year to demand report
(From FullBeta forum ) 4 new added ending in Regional Limitations

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