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[$1000] #57 | Remove Ratings Limits
Price: $1000

Description: Currently, the game limits ratings between 1 and 100. And to keep everything within that range, the game degrades ratings over time.

This setup presents many different issues with the game. For example, on the low end of the scale, a design with 10 rating points is 8 points higher than a design with 2 rating points. If a few years previously, these ratings were 20 and 4 respectively, the difference was 16 points. The lower-rated design didn't magically get better to close the gap in that time. The degrading percentage effect on the better design was just greater.

Just to name a few more things, this rating limit and degrader also prevents us from automatically replacing modified components in designs, doesn't allow us to cache buyer rating data, and reduces some of the reports we could make for the game.

This feature bounty does away with the 1-100 limits and removes the degrading system. The rating scores for designs continue to increase over time as they do now, but there will be no limit to the numbers. For example, if you made a 40 rated design in 1900, it will remain a 40 rated design forever. In 1920 you could make a 360 rated design. You will know that 360 rated design is 9 times better than the 1900 design. And it will always remain so. Everything will become more logical, and easier to see technological progression in ratings.

Requirements: None

Required By: #58, #69, #72, #76, #77, #80, #93, #97, #99, #101, #108, #112, #121, #136

Concerns: This bounty is a fairly complex one that will require rewriting and balancing many formulas in the game. It might take a while to get everything running smoothly.

Numbers might get too large for players. A rating of 68,362 doesn't look as pretty as "72".

Some long-term players might have trouble resetting themselves, but I think the system is simple enough that they'll get the hang of it.

Eric's Opinion: We require the removal of the 1-100 ratings and ratings degrading for many feature improvements we have lined up for the game. It also improves several logical issues with the game and allows for much broader differences between vehicle designs. With all that in mind, I highly recommend funding this bounty. I have discounted my rates to help it get approved.

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