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[$600] #136 | Vehicle Info To Reports | Requests: #57
Price: $600

Description: With rating decline removal in bounty #57, we can move vehicle information to static generated HTML reports.

We would generate these reports on vehicle creation.

The reports would contain information found in the RnD "View Vehicle" window and additional information about the vehicle that we can not fit into the "View Vehicle" window due to size constraints. We will be able to replace all "View Vehicle" window GUI in the game with the report page.

In addition, we can link the reports page anywhere vehicles are listed, including other reports. Thus allowing you to access complete vehicle information anywhere vehicles are.

Requirements: #57

Required By: #137, #138, #139

Concerns: Even with static rating values, Unit Price and Project Profits on the view vehicle windows change.

My idea is to store the information in XML and then have the reports read the XML with javascript. This might cause performance issues but would be needed if we move the Showroom's Model Compare system to static HTML.

Alternatively, we can save just the prices and project profit to XML. Then read in those values for the static saved pages. Less of a performance hit, but it is still a performance hit.

Report windows are stuck on n^2 resolutions until we implement OpenGL3 and/or the DirectX 11 bounties.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty will reduce UI complexity and room load times. It also allows us to put complete vehicle information in places where we couldn't have otherwise. And more information than what we have in places where you can find vehicle information.

The downside is that this bounty will use our reports window, which because of technical constraints is size limited and not as snappy as the game GUI. There are some bounties to fix those issues. 

I have discounted this bounty with the hopes that it gets funded.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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