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[$400] #138 | Marque Catalog/Model Compare To Reports | Requests: #136
Price: $400

Description: With vehicle information ported to reports, with this bounty, we can convert the existing showroom tools "Marque Catalog" and "Model Compare" to reports as well.

This will give us a lot more flexibility and the ability to show more information.

Requirements: #136

Required By: #140

Concerns: The layout might not be as pretty as the current design. But we can fit more information in it and organize that info better.

Report windows are stuck on n^2 resolutions until we implement OpenGL3 and/or the DirectX 11 bounties.

Eric's Opinion: There are pros and cons to this bounty. Moving these tools to reports allows us to put more information in them, and it's much easier to implement than the in-game UI. On the downside, DX9 technical limitations constrain the report's size to n^2 resolutions. That can make it a little more difficult to show everything we want at once.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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