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[$100] #80 | Remove Two Buyer Rating Penalties | Requires #57
Price: $100

Description: With the 1-100 Rating Limits and rating declines removed, some buyer rating penalties become obsolete.

This bounty would remove the age penalty and low sliders penalty from the game. Because ratings are no longer artificially limited and constantly grow without yearly decline, the penalty for using old components or low sliders is the exponentially lower buyer ratings.

In the Classic GearCity system, an old or low slider design could have 4 rating points, whereas a new design would have 40. A 36-point difference. With bounty #57 funded, this point difference could be greater than thousands, rendering the need for these two arbitrary penalties obsolete.

Requirements:  #57

Required By: None

Concerns: There is a small chance that bounty #57 won't fix the issues these penalties address. If that is the case, we'll keep the penalties that we need and refund this bounty in part or in full.

Eric's Opinion: These penalties were band-aid fixes to gameplay problems caused by the rating decline system. If that issue is healed, we can remove the band-aid. But after testing, if it is still wounded, we can reapply the band-aid, and I'll refund the money.

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