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[$500] #77 | Detailed Test Track Info | Requires: #57
Price: $500

Description: This bounty creates a race track simulation for your cars to run on. The track will test several characteristics of your vehicle designs. The game will give you a summary of how your vehicle performs in each sector.

The track simulation uses the specs and ratings of your design to generate the results.

While there are no visuals in this bounty, it will serve as the internal basis for a visible test track.

This bounty will also include 0-100MPH, 100-0MPH, 0-60-0, 1 mile, and quarter mile times.

Requirements: #57

Required By: #78

Concerns: I think this ticket alone will be underwhelming for most players wanting a visual test track similar to Detroit. However, this bounty is the algorithmic work needed for such a track, although we'll be doing it in a little more detail than that game. 

Eric's Opinion: I have tried to avoid adding this to the game over the years because I believe it's a bit of work with minimal "fluff" value. But it frequently gets requested by fans of Detroit, and it's doable in the game. So I am not against adding it. I think players will be disappointed in this bounty alone, and we'll need to fund #78 to get an on-par feature to Detroit.

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