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[$1500] #78 | Visualize Detailed Test Track | Requires: #77
Price: $1500

Description: This bounty creates visuals for the Detailed Test Track Info bounty (#77). These visuals will be a pre-animated top-down view of a car on the track. Similar to what is found in the game Detroit.

We will use pre-animated gif files and the HTML web browser to create a page with the visual representation of the vehicle's best lap around the track.

As your vehicle finishes the track sectors, the information will display on the page.

Requirements: #77

Required By: None

Concerns: Many players will be disappointed that the vehicle on the map will not be the same as the vehicle they designed. We could use a circle instead, but I think a car icon would be better.

People who haven't played Detroit will probably be disappointed by it in general.

Eric's Opinion: I have tried to avoid adding this to the game over the years because I believe it's a bit of work with minimal "fluff" value. But it frequently gets requested by fans of Detroit, and it's doable in the game. So I am not against adding it. I think players will be disappointed in this bounty alone, and we'll need to fund #78 to get an on-par feature to Detroit.

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