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[$1000] #99 | Component Generation | Requires: #57
Price: $1000

Description: This bounty allows the player to make minor variations of a component design with a discount. These variations are considered new generations/trims.

The amount of change to the base model will affect the amount of discount the player can receive for the design. The year variables for the formulas will lag behind the game year to hopefully force players not to exploit the new generation/trims system.

This bounty removes the modification system. It also removes the refit system. The game will automatically update existing vehicles with the new component designs.

Requirements: #57

Required By: None

Concerns: Some players will complain about the restrictions we have to place to prevent exploitation. Particularly, lagging the year variable used in the formula behind the game year. The idea is to prevent a player from refreshing the same basic engine design for 80 years. Instead, we want to force players to create a new design around 20-30 years max.

Eric's Opinion: Players often request a generation or trim system for components. This bounty gives them that and removes some of the half-assed workaround solutions we implemented to appease those requests.

Links: Some bitbucket items:
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