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[$2000] #76 | Equipment Options | Requires: #57
Price: $2000

Description: This bounty adds a list of optional equipment for vehicle designs to the vehicle designer. This equipment includes but is not limited to heaters, air conditioners, cd players, radios, leather seats, seat belts, airbags, etc. It may also take over bolt-on components from component designers, such as overdrive, four-wheel steering, power steering, limit slip, locking diff, etc.

This system will also include an expected "standards" selection, where the game will automatically select equipment that consumers expect on all cars for that era.

You'll also be able to create your own "options" lists for fast selection.

Each piece of equipment will have a direct effect on vehicle ratings or the Buyer's Rating. When paired with other bounties, like the safety regulations, it will require players to spend some money on options they otherwise wouldn't.

Requirements:  #57

Required By: #108, #264, #268

Concerns:  The list will become massive with all the features one can add to a vehicle. There are some ways for us to minimize the amount of clicks players need to do, but it will still be cumbersome for many to go through the entire lists for every vehicle design.

The big problem with a list is future tech. There is no way in knowing what the future automobile designs have in store as far as options lists are concerned.

There will be a lot of work adding these items to the components.xml file and balancing their effects on ratings.

Eric's Opinion: One of the big things I wanted to avoid in making GearCity was a huge list of items for players to click through. Most optional items, like heaters and radios, became standard in every vehicle sold after a few years of their introduction. That is why I made much of the vehicle designer with abstractions.

This bounty removes much of those abstractions instead of an items list. I'm not sure I'm a fan. But with several other bounties like safety regulations and removing the rating limits, it could work, even if it's a bit micromanaged.

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