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[$2000] #107 | Offroad Rating & Climb Spec | Requires: #71, #76, #108
Price: $2000

Description: This bounty adds an offroading rating for vehicles and a hill grade spec.

The offroading rating will mainly affect SUVs, Compact-SUVs, trucks, and military equipment. Suspension selection, strength, durability, drivetrain, tire size, climb specs, gear ratios, and addons will factor into a vehicle's offroad ratings.

This bounty also includes a hill grade spec. This is how steep of a hill the vehicle can climb up. This spec is only important for extremely early automobiles and offroading.

If there is enough demand for an offroad rating and the price of this bounty is too high, we can remove the climb spec and cut the price in half.

Requirements: #71, #76, #108

Required By: #1049, #1050, #1051, #1052

Concerns: The hill grade climb specs are probably not necessary, but they're probably the best metric for "offroad" use. It also works for early vehicles since railroad grade is between 0.05-0.5. Vehicles operating below these margins would have difficult times in the early years and would be nearly impossible to use in mountains where road grades peak at around 6 on modern roads. Practically every vehicle after 1905 can meet those specs and more.

Eric's Opinion: I'm on the fence about this rating because of the Hill Grade Specs. So I would like to hear feedback if you guys would be interested in a non-spec'd offroading rating that was half the price.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!

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