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[$500] #108 | Wheel Size | Requires: #57
Price: $500

Description: The Classic version of GearCity doesn't require you to place tires on the vehicles. We've got a lot of flack about this over the years, but it was a design choice because our vehicle designer was critically panned and hated by many people. So we needed a quick way for players to skip it. Thus we kept what you needed to do to a minimum in that system.

Predesigned vehicles have replaced the requirement that players use the vehicle designer. Ideally, we would have required wheel placement at that point, but I decided I could spend the time better elsewhere because people who want to skip the vehicle designer will use predesigns. Nonetheless, we still occasionally get flack from older players who don't place wheels on their vehicles and don't use the predesigns...

This bounty adds a requirement to place wheels on custom-designed vehicles designed by the old-style vehicle designer. (Body Designer Mk2 will require wheel placement from the get-go.)

The game will also determine the height and width of the tires placed on the vehicle.

The vehicle designer will use these details for top speed, lateral g, and acceleration calculations. And several other ratings that are associated with these specs.

Requirements: #57

Required By: #107

Concerns: New artwork will require wheel placements automatically. Balancing the size between the old artwork style and the new one might cause a few issues.

Calculations for tire sizes in the specs will complicate the formulas. Luckily most of these formulas I either have written down or they're easy to find in any automotive engineering books.

Eric's Opinion: While I'm not going to be a fan of adding this retroactively to the old vehicle body designer, the Vehicle Body Designer Mk2 will have most of the functionality built into it from scratch. This bounty will increase the accuracy of some of our vehicle spec formulas. And remove the complaints about being able to make custom vehicles without wheels. I have discounted the bounty somewhat to get rid of that criticism.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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