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[$5000] #121 | Implement Angelscript / Vehicle Design Formulas To AS | Requires: #57
Price: $5000

Description: This bounty is two-fold. First, it will implement Angelscript as an external scripting language.

The next stage of this bounty would move vehicle design formulas that calculate ratings and specs to the scripting language.

This bounty would allow players to mod the formula used to calculate ratings and specs in the game. It also removes the need for us to compile any changes made to these formulas.

The bounty would serve as a basis for moving more parts of the game to the script files.

Requirements: #57

Required By: #122, #123, #134, #185

Concerns: There might be some performance-related issues in moving this to an external scripting language. It is unknown what the impact could be on turn times. While it would make modding these formulas easier, there is no real benefit to end-users. Opening sourcing the game and allowing players to modify the formulas in code would have the same effect and likely be faster.

Eric's Opinion: From my perspective, we don't need this bounty. But that's because I have access to the source code and do not mind compiling it. If anyone wants to create heavier mods of the game and alter the game formulas, they cannot do so. This bounty gives them that ability to do it for the vehicle ratings and specs and opens the possibility for us to move more formulas to the scripting language. So if there is any future in creating extremely detailed mods, we'll need to fund this bounty.

Links: Angelscript

It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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