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[$1500] #122 | Move Buyer Rating To Angelscript
Price: $1500

Description: This bounty moves the Buyer Rating calculation system from hardcoded in the game to an external scripting language, Angelscript.

This will allow modders to modify the buyer rating formula system.

We'll also need to move the code that generates the buyer rating report tables to this script too.

Requirements: #93, #121

Required By: None

Concerns: Generation of the buyer rating report might be difficult. It may require two scripts to do, complicating it for modders.

Some performance gains from buyer rating caching will be lost with this bounty. How much is unknown because we haven't implemented Angelscript. But I suspect it won't be too bad.

Eric's Opinion: If we add Angelscript support to the game and the community funds the buyer rating cache, this bounty becomes a no-brainer. On its own, it won't do anything for the game, but it gives much more tools for modders to alter the game.

Links: Angelscript

It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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