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[$1500] #72 | Material Selections | Requires: #57
Price: $1500

Description: This bounty adds a material selection window to the component advanced designers. It will allow you to select what materials you use for your designs. For example, you'll be able to select what materials you use for your chassis frames, engine blocks, brakes, etc. The materials will have several effects on specs, ratings, and pricing.

Requirements: #57

Required By: None

Concerns: Allowing players to pick and choose materials might be too in-depth for most players. Internally it will require implementation of these materials in the components.xml files, limiting what designs can use what, and applying the effects on the specs/ratings. That makes a lot more interlinking of items in the game, making things more complicated.

Eric's Opinion: When designing GearCity, I didn't want to put players in the position where they have to pick every little detail about their design from a list of options. You are a CEO, not an engineer. But there is a sizable part of the population that wants that level of control. Every so often, they request this bounty.

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