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[$300] #61 | Nation Variables
Price: $300

Description: In Classic GearCity, the game has no concept of a country other than the text name of the nation. This bounty changes by giving each nation an ID, a translatable name, and a database table that can store additional variables funded in future bounties.

This bounty sets the framework for national-level bounties. By having nations as entities in the game, we can setup nation-specific regulations, relations, popularities, and pricing. Giving us a finer grain of control over the game world than regions, but without having to go as low as the city level.

Please note, this bounty ONLY includes creating national ID in the game and giving nations a translatable name. Any other national data features are separate bounties. 

We'll also need to set up more tools for the mod tools.

Requirements:  None

Required By: #62, #68, #73, #87#91, #116, #118, #121, #192, #215

Concerns: The setup work for national variables is tedious but not too difficult. Making additional mod tools is probably the more cumbersome task in all of it.

Eric's Opinion: We need this bounty to implement many other bounties such as safety restrictions. For example, safety regulations are regional if this bounty isn't funded. Mexico and United States are in different worlds with vehicle safety regulations. But without this ticket, they'll both have the same regulatory requirements.

This bounty also is very important for the diplomatic relations bounty.

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