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[$600] #87 | National Variables for Military Contracts | Requires: #61
Price: $600

Description: This bounty adds data to the national variable that we will use to generate military contracts. These variables include spending budgets for military branches, landlock information, and exporting data.

We'll also keep a list of what models nations use for what purpose. For example, Nation X uses engine Y in fighter Z. The Z Fighter was designed in 1925. We'll regenerate new contracts whenever the designs become old and obsolete. Using the example above, around 1936, Nation X will have a new fighter project and be looking for a new engine.

Requirements: #61

Required By: None

Concerns: There is a lot of data work to be done scripting this information out. Once it's working, there is a chance that the values are not fully realistic which could cause some complaints from users.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty fixes the comical Swiss Navy issues in the game. Beyond that, it expands the military contract system that will be beneficial if you all fund military vehicle types.

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