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[$150] #116 | Increased Antitrust Lawsuits | Requires: #61
Price: $150

Description: With the addition of National variables, the game should be able to keep better track of a nation's automotive industry. If a player has too much power within a major nation, they will be more likely to be hit with an Antitrust lawsuit. Currently, the game uses a global market share, but this system will use national market share and the number of native companies in that major nation.

Requirements: #61

Required By: None

Concerns: Playing with fewer AI will likely increase the chance of a player having a monopoly in a major nation. We'll have to make some rules to reduce this possibility. So the player isn't getting hit with antitrust suits all the time.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty will flesh out the antitrust system and make it more realistic. Currently, the game uses global market share when antitrust suites are typically local to a single nation.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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