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[$2000] #91 | National Popularities | Requires: #61
Price: $2000

Description: This bounty further breaks down vehicle and fuel type popularity into the national level

Some additional research will be required to figure out historical sales differences of major nations. We'll also need to rework the reports as there isn't enough table width. Likely we'll need to break down the reports into regions, with a link to sub-regions, with a link to nations.

Requirements: #61

Required By: None

Concerns: Reports will be the most difficult part of this bounty. Our reports are fixed width, so we will have to figure out how to show all the popularities. Likely we will have a regional table with averages. Then you can click on a region, and it will show a sub-regional table, and then further click to show national levels.

This might be too much detail for most players. The reports would be too cumbersome.

Eric's Opinion: I prefer the sub-regional popularity levels. Having popularity down to this level, while cool, is too much data for players to sort through. If we can come up with a better reports solution, then my opinion would change.

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