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GearCity FBS Milestone #1 Voting Results
Greetings everyone!

Voting for FBS Milestone #1 ended. I've tallied the results several times, updated the websites, moved the threads, and updated your voting points.

We had 24 voters casting 1681 votes. Voting turnout is at 32%, and the voting point consumption is at 50%.

The voters funded 16 bounties! Voters fully funded seven, and the remaining nine won by popular vote.

Without further ado, funded bounties for Milestone #1:
For full results:

The voters have approved the Blue and Green rows. We will include these bounties in the upcoming DLC.

I have a few extra "exit" polls. Please take some time to vote on them. They will close 30 days from now.

GearCity FBS "DLC" Name
GearCity FBS Distribution Platform
GearCity FBS OS and Architecture

Work will begin on Milestone #1 by Monday. A couple of these bounties will take up some time. I hope to knock it all out in a month, but it might take a little longer.

With that said, we're ready to start fundraising for Milestone #2. Our milestone goal this time around is $3,500 by April 2024. I hope we'll be able to make this an Artwork-only milestone, but we'll have to see how the Russo-Ukraine war shapes out. We might end up with another programming-only Milestone. Since we'll have more votes than Milestone funds going forward, I'll be updating the rules for fully funded bounties in the event we have more fully funded bounties votes than we have funds.

I'll be adding some new bounties in the next few days. If you have any suggestions, please stick them in the suggestion forum:

We will recycle the remaining Milestone #1 funds, $7, into Milestone #2.
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