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[$50] #15 | Aircraft Engine Contract Adjustments
Price: $50

Description: With research into AeroMogul, I have come across several comprehensive references to hundreds of historical piston aircraft engines. This item will adjust the aircraft engine contract requirements and possibly bring some contracts into more modern times. I may also add some new sub-components if necessary.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: None

Eric's Opinion: Additional data on subjects I am not well versed in is always helpful. This bounty should improve our airplane engine contracts. As of right now, the data mostly comes from a handful of very popular aircraft engines. Because of that, the game is slightly distorted from reality and mainly geared toward WW1 and WW2 fighter engines.

Links: Here is a general link on aircraft engines:

The references I have are on these archaic things called books. They used to make them out of tree shavings.
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