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[$20] #6 | Drop 1024x768 Support
Price: $20

Description: As of the most recent Steam hardware survey for GearCity (1/2022), 0 users are using anything less than 1280 x 720. And only 0.26% are using 1024 x 768 overall on Steam.

Dropping 1024x768 support will allow us to increase minimum supported resolutions from 1024x720 to 1280x720. This would result in a 156px increase in usable width for our GUI systems. That would make it much easier to implement some of these new features.

Sadly, 1280x720 is still too common (0.30%) to drop it. But we'll re-evaluate over the coming years to see if we can increase support to 1280x768 or higher.

GearCity Classic would still be available for anyone running lower resolution monitors.

Requirements: None

Required By: #5, #8, #81, #84, #135, #145, []#198[/url]

Concerns: In the past, 1024x768 was the default resolution for schools and offices. Most of these have switched to 1280x720 and 1366x768, but we can not entirely be sure as the Steam hardware survey doesn't cover every user. There might be some people left unable to play if this is funded.

Eric's Opinion: This is much needed. I would have already done it in GearCity Classic if I didn't already sell the game with 1024x768 support. Ideally, we'd drop 1280x720 and 1366x768 support as well, but nearly 10% of all Steam Users and approximately 3% of our users surveyed run at these resolutions. (Not to mention my son's laptop.)

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