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[$60] #8 | Merge RnD View and Modify Windows | Requires: #6
Price: $60

Description: This bounty will merge the RnD's View window with the RnD's Modify window. If the community funds the "Remove 1024x768 Support" bounty at the same time or before this item, we'll be able to work in the modify buttons into a side panel. Otherwise, we'll need to use a pseudo-tab system on the lower half.

This GUI tweak will reduce the number of windows in RnD and remove the need to bounce back and forth between the two windows to End Production or see what vehicles use the selected design.

Requirements: #6

Required By: #130

Concerns: Because of low-resolution support, merging the two window's functionality might prove difficult because of space constraints. Buttons can not be made much smaller because of translations. Some additional windows in RnD Also use the View window for design selection. This use could make switching between these windows difficult and cause bugs.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty is an often requested GUI improvement, specifically the ability to see what designs are still using a selected design while ending production. Although this merger will only shave off one click in this situation, people ask for it often. I have discounted the work for this item because of how often it is requested and because it would reduce the amount of GUI in the game.

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