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[$200] #5 | Contract Windows List Filters | Requires: #6
Price: $200

Description: This bounty includes improvements to lists in the Contract Bidding Windows.
  • Display Fixed Bid Amount or Price Bid in the contract list.
  • Filter contract list by Fixed Bid or Price Bid Contract.
  • Order contract list by player bidablity then by Fixed Bid Price.
  • Sort design list with bidable at top, then by unbiddable. (I.E. player has designs that meet requirements.) Bid Price then Fixed Bids.
  • Designs that meet requirements but are too expensive, use yellow font.

Requirements: #6

Required By: #63

Concerns: Contract list generation already runs very slow. So this bounty might require additional work to speed up that process. The window size is also quite constrained. Ideally, we will remove 1024x768 support and increase the window width by a couple hundred pixels. Finally, filters are extremely hackish and tedious with the current GUI system. Some bugs may occur, and I may require additional time to fix them.

Eric's Opinion: This ticket is a roll of the dice. It could be really easy, but it could also be more difficult than planned to do well. Inadequacy is not an option, but I am reluctant to charge more for this bounty. Other than the auto-bid and the auto-renewal system, this is one of the better bounties for the contracts UI. Ideally, we'll have the hidden GUI list data bounty funded before this one so I can reduce the code and complexity size at the same time.

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