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[$400] #81 | Stock List View | Requires: #6
Price: $400

Description: Currently, the stock system only lists publically traded companies by logo and dropdown. You have to select a company to learn any information about that company.

While we don't have multi-column list boxes, we can make fixed-width lists. So we will add a button similar to the button that switches to the designer combo boxes in RnD. This list will show all the publically traded companies, the share price, outstanding shares, and your shareholdings. This list will probably not be sortable with this bounty.

There might be spacing issues in the stock window. If this is the case, we'll not allow filtering of this list for the various tools in the stock window. For example, we won't use the list to show the marques you own.

Requirements: #6

Required By: None

Concerns: Window size might be an issue. Dynamically resizing a window is a pain in the butt, so having us resize the window every time the player clicks the button to use the list would probably not be possible. So we're going to have to figure out how to have a wide list in a not-so-wide window.

Eric's Opinion: This ticket is a legit issue with the stock window. The current system is difficult to parse through to find shares for sale.

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