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[$300] #327 Emissions Visual Maps
Price: $300

Description: This bounty adds two maps to the World Map containing emissions information. The first map comes from selecting a vehicle from the branch distribution window. The player can then click a button to display which cities the selected vehicle meets the emissions requirements. The second map is in the mapping system. This map is an emissions requirement heatmap showing the requirements for the selected emissions class.

Requirements: None

Required By: #328

Concerns: The map for vehicle models is buried behind the branch distribution windows. It would be better to put it in a more logical place, perhaps pulling up an entire emissions window directly from the maps menu. That window could then list the vehicles and the filters. However, that is a lot more work.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty is a good step forward to display emissions system information. But I think the specific vehicle information is a bit buried, and it would be better for us to create a new window accessed from the maps panel to handle the emissions information. However, that would add much more work to this bounty, thus increasing the costs. That is why I decided to split the bounties into two, putting the access to the vehicle map via the branch system for now since it has the needed UI system to access specific vehicle information.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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