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[$750] #326 Operation Costs Buyer Rating
Price: $750

Description: This bounty implements a cost-of-ownership buyer rating. It will factor in fuel economy, dependability, fuel type, fuel costs, and the city and general economy. It will then apply a buyer rating based on the wealth index of the vehicle type. (It's a more important factor in economy cars, less in high-end models.)

Future bounties could also expand upon this system, such as variable warranties, fuel grades, etc.

Requirements: None

Required By: #325

Concerns: Consumers, at least in the US, do not factor in the cost of ownership outside of high-end used vehicles. This system also duplicates many existing buyer rating functions, such as fuel prices, fuel popularity, dependability, etc.

Eric's Opinion: Many variables used for this buyer rating are factored into other parts of the buyer rating. However, it would be nice to have a centralized "cost of ownership" that combines all cost types for price-sensitive consumers. I suspect as EVs become more popular, the cost of ownership is one of their key selling points. The repair costs of domestic brands or the fuel savings of foreign brands were often selling points in the past. It also opens the door to other bounties oriented around costs and cost savings. Such as fuel grades or subscription services manufacturers will be pushing in the future.

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