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[$1000] #240 | Vehicle Size Rating
Price: $1000

Description: This bounty adds a "Size" rating to the game. Some vehicle types have a "size" preference. For example, microcars should be small. One of the major flaws in the game is when the player uses a truck chassis on a microcar, resulting in a vehicle that is as large as a full-sized sedan.

The size rating will serve as a penalty against this sort of action. Vehicle types will have an ideal size rating range, and deviating from that range will lower the buyer rating.

Bounty #111 obsolete's this bounty. #111 would be the proper fix to this issue. Instead of penalizing the player's buyer rating, we would reclassify the vehicle.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: In the real world, size only matters within the classification of vehicle types. The bug is the misclassification of a vehicle type. This bounty is a hackish solution to change player behavior, not fix the issue.

Eric's Opinion: Penalizing the buyer rating isn't realistic. A sedan-sized microcar just wouldn't be a microcar. Sure, it wouldn't appeal to microcar buyers, but it could and would appeal to sedan buyers. To that effect, I think bounty #111 is a better option to fix this issue.

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