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[$3000] #111 | Vehicle Size Class
Price: $3000

Description: One major issue with GearCity is when the player takes a large chassis, say something designed for a truck, and sticks it in a micro-car.

The game has trouble compensating for that. Sure the game can scale the micro-car bodies up to the size of the truck chassis and create some fake numbers based on the wheelbase (instead of using the 3D coordinates in the game). But you're still selling a truck-sized vehicle as a micro-car...

This bounty will automatically change a vehicle classification based on the size/weight of the vehicle.

It would remove several classifications of vehicles from selection, such as "Full-Sized Sedan" and "Compact Sedan." When you go to design a Sedan, the size of it will determine if it is a "Full-Sized," "Compact," or a regular "Sedan."

In another example, a phateon of a certain weight would be a cyclecar.

We will need to implement some additional vehicle types for this bounty. All of which will not have new vehicle artwork. The game will determine the classifications purely based on the size/weight of the vehicle.

Requirements: None

Required By: #114

Concerns: Unlike the existing system where you just select what type of vehicle you want to design, this system will require players to know what chassis will yield the type of vehicle they want to make.

We'll need to display what type of vehicle you're designing in the body designer, so that when players increase the hood length a fraction of a slider, they'll see their Sedan turn into a Full-sized sedan.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty is one of two solutions to the problem described in the Description. The other solution is to have a "size" rating, and if your micro-car is not small, then deduct buyer-rating points from it. I believe this vehicle size bounty is a better solution. Rather than making the truck-sized micro-car undesirable, turn it into a coupe. And tell the player if you want to make a microcar, then it needs to be under Xmm long.

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