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[$2500] #114 | Sharing Vehicle Popularity | Requires: #94, #111
Price: $2500

Description: With the removal of sized-based vehicle type selection and making the game choose what size a vehicle is from its dimensions, this bounty combines the popularity of these size variants with their base model.

What do we mean by that?

Instead of having a Compact Sedan, Sedan, and Full Sized Sedan popularity, the game will have single Sedan popularity shared for all Sedan types. This represents cross-shopping in the class. The sub-sizes will have their own popularity modifiers that add additional buyers to that sub-class. All sub-classes affect the popularity of Sedans as a whole.

For example, if Sedan's popularity is 2%, then 2% of the buyer pool is interested in buying sedans. If Full-sized sedans have a +1% from that, their popularity will be 3%. If Compact-Sedans have a +2.5%, it will be 4.5%, and if Normal sedans are +1.5%, it will have a 3.5% popularity rating.

2% of these buyers are shared between all of these Sedan types, meaning compact sedans will take sales from full-sized sedans, etc. The rest of the percentage is exclusive to the vehicle sub-type.

All three types of Sedan would affect Sedan's' base popularity rating.

This bounty will also require some rewriting of the vehicle popularity report. Likely, we'll place the sub-types indented under the base type.

Requirements: #94, #111

Required By: #112, #113, #214

Concerns: This bounty would greatly increase the complexity of vehicle type popularity. It also allows us to get rid of the secondary buyer pool system with a much better option. It improves cross-shopping between vehicle types in the game, making it more realistic.

This might be overly complicated, and some players might be confused by how popularities work.

This bounty might be a lot of work, but requiring sales caching would reduce that work. At the same time, it could break performance gains from caching.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty fixes internal logical issues with the buyer pool system. This bounty is the only decent way I can think of to handle type popularity if the community wants to fund features #111, #112, and #113.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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