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[$200] #224 | New Drops Old Generation Sales
Price: $200

Description: This bounty is similar to bounty #204. With this bounty, a new generation will reduce an old generation's sales based on how old the old generation is. We will do this with an additional buyer rating penality.

The newer the old generation is, the less that penalty will be. A real-world example of this is with the Ram trucks, where they sell 4th gen and 5th gen side by side.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Players might not understand why their older generation is getting a penalty or why it is small if they make back-to-back generations. Pointing out the buyer rating table information is the best we can do in this respect.

Eric's Opinion: In the real world, a long-run model may have a dip in sales when a new generation of that design comes out. But most car buyers buy vehicles on aesthetics and interior feelings. One would assume then that if an old and a new generation are on par tech/quality-wise, it would boil down to what the buyer thinks looks better. Of course, then one has to factor in the used market. In any event, this bounty fixes a minor exploit in the current game system.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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