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[$200] #204 | Reduce Trim Spam
Price: $200

Description: While real-life companies often build many different variants of the same cars, called trims, the game has a fatal flaw that prevents the AI from doing this.

That leads to an exploit that allows players to make many trims, often at a discount, and crowd out the AI competitors.

While the proper fix is to allow the AI to do the same, this bounty provides a smaller (and cheaper) fix to the problem.

This bounty will add an exponentially increasing buyer rating penalty to all vehicles of the same trim.

For example, if you have a vehicle with a 10,000 buyer rating and you make a trim with a 10500 rating, your new ratings will be 9000 and 9500, respectively. If you add a third vehicle with a 10,200 rating, the buyer ratings for all three will be 7500, 8000, and 7700.

We'll need to run a few simulations to determine the balancing value.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Balancing the penalty will be the toughest part of this bounty. It needs to discourage spam while making sure trims are a viable solution in the game.

Eric's Opinion: Even if the AI were able to spam trims too, something like this bounty would probably need to be implemented. The trim design costs are not penalities enough to prevent users from going to the extreme. Since this fixes a perceived exploit, I have discounted this bounty in the hopes that it gets funded.

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