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[$5000] #154 | Socialism/Communism | Requires: #153, #155
Price: $5000

Description: Socialism, and by extension, communism, is government ownership of the means of production. With this bounty, governments can become communists. If that happens to your HQ government, you will no longer own your company.

You will no longer be able to design the designs you want to. Instead, you will get contracts from the government to design specific vehicles with specific ratings. You will then produce the vehicles for the contract. You won't have or operate branches, nor can your company go out of business. 

You also won't have access to the stock, loan, racing, and other capitalist systems.

In short, you get contracts, you design for those contracts, and you produce the units for those contracts.

If you own factories branches in a country that goes communist, if your HQ country has a good relationship with the communist, you will still be able to sell a limited number of units. But we will force you to sell the factories. If your country does not have a good relationship, the game will close your branches and factories.

We'll also need a map mode to show what countries are communist and which aren't.

Requirements: #153, #155

Required By:

Concerns: Running a company in a communist country might be too limiting for some players. Although, some players ask for gameplay this limited.

The game's display of the inefficiencies of communism might touch a few sore points with real-world communists. Although, they probably aren't playing our games anyway.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty adds a whole new level of realism to the game. It makes playing as a USSR or mid-century Chicom company significantly more realistic. Of course, we'll have ways to disable this system.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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