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[$4000] #153 | Nationalization | Requires: #118
Price: $4000

Description: Historically and in the game, smaller companies tend to merge into a handful of super large companies. Often these companies are the pillars of the industry for a nation. Examples of these are the "big three" in the United States (Ford, GM, Chrysler), the "big three" in Germany (VW, BMW, Mercedes), and in the past, British Leyland in the UK.

When these massive companies begin failing, the government often steps in to prevent contagion. In the case of GM, the government gave an economic bailout. We have implemented the monetary portion of this in the game already.

In British Leyland's case, the government took over a large portion of the company, bailing them out. They were also able to force the split of the company and the eventual sale of the company when political winds changed.

Renault is another company that lost control of its company to the French government after WW2. The French have maintained control ever since.

This bounty adds government ownership to the game in the form of nationalization efforts. We will expand the existing bailout system to require repayment as a loan. And the government will request some additional actions for the player to take to receive that money.

We will also implement an additional nationalization feature that will have the government take over a percentage of your company. You will still be free to operate your company. However, the government will request you take specific actions such as buying marques, spinning off marques, funding pensions, issuing dividends, or building factories within your home HQ. With government ownership, you could be fired at any time for bad performance, much like typical shareholders firing you.

The player will be able to ask for government intervention via the Loan/Bonds system. The government will offer it via action memo if you become too big to fail and are failing.

Requirements: #61

Required By: #154

Concerns: We'll need to find a good way to inform the user that the government is requesting you take a specific action.

We want government ownership to be draconian, but monitoring everything the player does could be costly.

We don't want governments to nationalize everyone, but we want players to run into this feature now and then.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty adds some realism to our bailout system. Currently, bailouts are just random events if you're a large, failing company after WW2. This bounty adds an element of gameplay for bailouts. We'll expand the system to have definable chances of nationalization and consequences for such actions.

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