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[$1,000] #148 | Upgrade Libraries
Price: $1,000

Description: This bounty upgrades all our libraries from ~2017 copies to the most recent.

We'll update both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the game to the same library versions. With the exception that 32-bit builds will still use Berkelium (Chromium 12) on Windows and OSX for XP and 32-bit OSX support, respectively.

Requirements: None

Required By: #146, #96, #276

Concerns: Upgrading libraries sometimes introduces new bugs. A lot of time will go into taking care of those issues. We might not be able to upgrade all things easily. In such cases, there will still be some differences in library versions.

Eric's Opinion: The 64-bit port standardized library versions across the whole architecture. The 32-bit build, however, is a mixture of library versions because I ported to each operating system piecemeal.

Updating the 64-bit build should be a piece of cake. But the 32-bit builds will require some work.

I'm not expecting too many issues, but major jumps like this can cause some headaches. The 64-bit port itself costs about a month, so I am woefully undercharging for this bounty.

Nonetheless, we will need this bounty if we do any major overhaul work to the game, like adding modern renderers and shader systems. Because of that, I am not charging as much as I should for it.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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