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[$300] #96 | Move Windows Windowing to SDL | Requires: #148
Price: $300

Description: Currently, Beardgine (our game engine) uses Ogre3D's legacy Windows API code to create the game Window. While this works fine on most computers, it creates some issues with obscure setups and frequent Microsoft meddling.

SDL has more resources to keep up with these frequent changes and obscure setups I occasionally run across users using.

We have used SDL for windowing on our Linux build since its inception. It is also the default standard for Ogre3D 1.x series now.

Requirements: #148

Required By: None

Concerns: Most users won't notice any change thus they have little reason to fund this.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty should hopefully resolve a few windowing issues some people have. A few things that come to mind are DirectX not working on full-screen resolution, borderless windows not properly functioning, DX flickering, multi-monitor placement, etc.

I can't test every monitor, hardware, and configuration issue. Nor can I keep up with frequent changes in Windows, especially since I haven't used Windows (other than compiling GC) in 15+ years. I think leaning on a windowing code base with more users and contributors is a wise way forward.

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