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[$1000] #112 | Sports Vehicles | Requires: #57, #114
Price: $1000

Description: This bounty adds an additional "Sports" class to vehicle type system. The game will use a vehicle's performance and power rating to determine if it's a "Sports" vehicle, for example, a Sports Sedan, Sports Coupe, etc.

The bounty would remove the sports car vehicle type.

The user has a choice to accept the "Sports" designation or leave it a traditional vehicle.

The game will allow the sports label on designs with greater than average performance/power ratings than other active vehicles in its class.

#57, #114

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty would increase the number of vehicle types. It would also make it where players can't decide to make a sports car. Instead, they will have to make a coupe very sporty to receive the sports car classification. That might not be clear for some users, or they may not like this requirement.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty fixes logic problems in the game where players design non-sporty sports cars to fill the niche. This requires every sports car to be somewhat sporty. It might not be the best solution, though.

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