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[$500] #65 | Compression Ratios
Price: $500

Description: This bounty adds the ability for the player to adjust the compression ratio of their engine designs. Greater compression means more efficient (higher performing) engines, but they create more heat, reduce dependability, and cause more pollution.

Fuel type selection will determine the range. Some fuel types have a minimum requirement for compression for combustion to work properly.

Requirements: None

Required By: #157, #324

Concerns: Keeping designs within realistic ranges and requirements is a concern. We'll require additional data for our fuel types.

Eric's Opinion: With the possible addition of emissions standards, compression ratios become a bit more of a factor in determining your engine design's sliders. Of course, a CEO doesn't get his hands dirty with this sort of stuff, but I find most players who use the advanced designer want this level of detail. We'll keep the assisted designer at the level of a CEO.

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