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[$400] #59 | Sub-Component Rating Range | Requires: #57, #58
Price: $400

Description: In the Classic version of GearCity, all sub-components have static values that don't change. The problem is that over time many sub-components improved as technology progressed.

This bounty aims to remove the static values and replace them with a value range. All sub-components will start at the minimum values and will improve over time. In addition, the player's skill level will also increase the sub-components value within that range.

The combination of these bounties will allow players to be better at using some technologies than others. And the player's skills at using those sub-components will be noticeable in the final design ratings.

This system will allow us to remove "staged" sub-component designs and replace them with a single sub-component. For example, Electric 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 will be replaced with a simple "Electric." And your electric designs might be better or worse than your competition, depending on how much research and skill you have put into them.

Requirements: #57, #58

Required By: #166, #205

Concerns: Should we tell users the maximum values they can obtain with a sub-component? I think not, but many people like to min/max their games.

This item might cause balancing issues. Balancing the maximum values will be a balancing act. This item requires us to store a lot of extra data in the database. That will increase turn times and file sizes. Finally, this is a very heavy ticket that will require GUI, Database, XML, Mod Tools, and gameplay formula changes. This bounty touches, skills, subcomponents, component design, vehicle design, and AI. There are many chances for things to break when implementing it. So we might be introducing a lot of bugs and balancing issues that will require prolonged bug support.

This item might cause milestone delay if paired with additional discounted bounties. The amount of work this item requires does not match the bounty price because of the discount. If the community funds two or three of these discounted items simultaneously, and fundraising happens faster than expected, we may have to delay the next milestone. That would result in a pause in fundraising.

Eric's Opinion: In my opinion, this item is an extremely important bounty. It will fix several flaws with the game, including staged subcomponents. And components that do not improve over time, such as CVTs. It opens the doors to allow the players to focus on specific design types and make them better. Rather than be stuck with static subcomponents values implemented with a specific timeframe in mind.

I consider this item important enough that I have steeply (80%) discounted the bounty.

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