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[$6000] #205 | 1880 - 1899
Price: $6000

Description: This bounty adds 19 additional years to the start of the game. While Benz designed the first gasoline-engined vehicle in 1885, several viable Steam was designed by others in the mid to late 1870s. This bounty puts you right in between those two dates. Do you press on with steam and electric development? Or do you help create the new gasoline-powered car?

This bounty will include artwork for all vehicle types in the game present in this era. Development times will increase, and there will be some adjustments to formulas to compensate for low-powered engines. Players will start with no factories or branches, and we'll need to reduce costs to show the research stage of your company. We'll also work on historical events for all base maps.

Requirements: #59, #207

Required By: #1054, #1055

Concerns: Balancing specs and metrics like weight will be the tough part of this bounty. We'll need to make development times longer and sales much less, which might cause players some issues. The game does not scale well to companies the size they were in 1880. We'll need to add start-up funding-type systems in the game.

Eric's Opinion: While there were no large companies in the 1880s, a handful of modern companies did get their start in this period. The industry was viable in the mid-1890s. So adding this period to the game would be a great addition since research in this period can shape the future game world.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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