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Question on "Mark all as Read" button
Ive got a minor question(possibly a bug) about the forum:

There is a button/link in each of the forums which reads:
"Mark this forum read"
I assume this is supposed to be a quick way to mark everything as read so it doesn't appear unread(in bold) every time you check the forum.

I just tried pressing this button in the Gearcity Beta - Bugs forum and i got the message:
Visual Entertainment and Technologies Forum
Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.

I tried logging out then in again but the same error showed.
I'm not sure its relevant but i'm using firefox as my browser.

Im obviously logged in seeing as i can post this message, is there something else i missed here? or is that some kind of bug?
Bug in the forum software, I have the fix for it, and I'll take care of it during my downtime.

Thanks for pointing it out.
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