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[$800] #192 | More Tax Data | Requires: #61
Price: $800

Description: Currently, the game has only two forms of taxation, a basic corporate tax rate, and a pseudo import tax.

This bounty adds a few more taxes to the game. In nations with VAT, we'll apply the VAT to the vehicle sales price.

We'll implement corporate payroll taxes in nations that have corporate payroll taxes. In countries with unemployment taxes, we'll implement those. We'll also implement various local taxes and fees.

We'll separate capital gains taxes from the corporate rates, and we'll also have to do some research on any other obscure taxes in foreign countries that we can apply.

Finally, we'll add historical data for whatever we can find. Historical data is the most difficult part of this task. I'll try to find historical tax rates, at least for the corporate taxes of major nations.

Requirements: #61

Required By: None

Concerns: Most people don't know how many taxes there are and how much the actual tax rate is. That's why governments try to tax everything before normal people see it. Because of this, end users might find the tax rate a bit high.

We might not have all the deductions in the game that companies take advantage of, and we'll probably miss some taxes and tax rates.

There will be some difficulty finding historical tax rates for some countries, especially for obscure taxes.

Displaying all the tax rates to the player might lead to some messy UI in the City Info window. We'll probably have to have a sub-window after clicking a button to break it down.

Eric's Opinion: More taxes, especially ones that companies can't write off, will increase the game's difficulty. I am always for adding more expenses to the game. Finding historical tax rates might eat up too much time.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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