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Forum - Signature character count
This is a suggestion ive mentioned in various chats before, but i thought id write it down in here too as its become especially relevant to me.

There is a 255 character limit on signatures for people, which makes a lot of sense to keep the forum tidy and clean.
One problem with it is that the forum seems to count some links/bbcode in that character count as well.

This isnt too serious a problem until you consider that people who want to link threads they made in the forum (like me) really wont have room for anything else.

Simple example, my current sig looks like this

(Unofficial)Gearcity FAQ

(Unofficial)Suggestion Links thread

Gearcity Forums IRC

These are three links, two are threads i maintain and the third is a link to encourage people to discuss the game on IRC.
This is 82 characters, but when i put links/bbcode on it, its all i can fit in my sig.
I even shortened one of the threads names in order to fit it.

Personally, i dont see the benefit in including links in the char count. If the intent is to keep it clean/small then links wont make it any longer. If the intent is to discourage/stop linking or changing text size, then it could be outright disabled in the sigs.

So my suggestion would be for the sig character count to not include links.

Here is what my sig looks like in code, just for reference
[url=](Unofficial)Gearcity FAQ[/url]

[url=](Unofficial)Suggestion Links thread[/url]

[url=]Gearcity Forums IRC[/url]

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