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[FIXED]Merge the Gearcity Suggestion forums
I think that the two Gearcity Suggestion forums should be merged.

I think i understand the current logic behind keeping them separate. i.e. the beta suggestion forum for beta suggestions, suggestions is for general game suggestions.
The problem is that the entire game is beta at the moment, so basically all suggestions are beta suggestions.
Practically, judging by the threads in both forums, they are serving the same purpose.
So why not just have one?

Beyond an argument of purpose, i would argue having two suggestions forums actually makes it more difficult for players and devs.
- Having two different forums is much more time consuming. It makes it more difficult to monitor and give feedback on suggestions. Its also much easier to miss suggestions and slightly more complex to search suggestions.
- The two different forums also contribute to people falling into the trap of posting already suggested ideas, as they don't notice or don't search both suggestion forums.

My view is that you should merge the two Gearcity suggestion forums
I would say remove the one under Gearcity. Leave the beta suggestions forum where it is, as i would argue that title is the most relevant/accurate.
Once the game is released, you can move and rename the Beta Suggestions forum to where the existing suggestions forum is located (just under Gearcity).
Merged Open Beta with Early Access
Created a new subforum specifically for the Open Access (Demo) game.
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