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Milestone #4 Voting Results!
Greetings everyone!

Voting for FBS Milestone #4 ended. The website is updated, but I will wait until the start of the month to update your voting points.

We had 24 voters casting 739 votes. At one point, we had over 900 votes cast, but some people wisely clawed back their votes when their bounties had no chance of winning. Votes cast all their votes on the forums, no votes were cast on Patreon. So, there are no more excuses for non-forum member Patreon subscribers. Voting turnout is at 8.4%.

The voters funded six bounties out of 34 that received votes! One bounty was funded by reaching the bounty goal. The other five were funded by popular vote. One bounty was a big-ticket item (over $1000), and five of the six bounties were discounted from my labor rate estimates.

Without further ado, funded bounties for Milestone #4:

Settings Localization
Complete Factory And Production Redesign
Individual Sub-component Skills/Research
Engine Height
Increase Dimension Sliders Effect
Merge RnD View and Modify Windows

For full results:

The voters have approved the Blue and Green rows. We will include these bounties in GearCity: 2nd Gear.

I expect this milestone to take a while. The Complete Factory And Production Redesign is a two-month ticket alone. And my time is tight for the next couple of months as it is summer break for school kids. I should still be able to get it done before the next milestone, but AeroMogul development will probably suffer. If that is the case, I will likely limit the FBS in some fashion next year. We'll have a poll about it when the time comes.

With that said, we are ready to start fundraising for Milestone #5. Our milestone goal is $2500. As with this milestone, we still have issues with our art pipeline out of Ukraine. So, if Serhiy hasn’t completed the Milestone #2 artwork by Milestone #5, I’ll add a bonus of $1000 to the Milestone funds. This will continue until someone completes the artwork, or I have paid off Milestone #2’s debt.
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