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[$1000] #332 Improve Scale GUI and Save GUI Compatibility
Price: $1000

Description: The game will not use custom GUI (Save GUI, Auto-Save GUI) if scaling is above 0%. The reason is that scaling applies to ALL GUI elements in the game. So, let's say the player had scale GUI set to 100%. If they were to save a custom GUI, that GUI would be 100% bigger. However, if they loaded that GUI with the scale set to 100%, it would now be 200% bigger. If they saved again and reloaded, it would be 400% bigger, and so forth.

This bounty would disable the Scale-GUI when a custom GUI is loaded. Some complexity arises as I believe several parts of the GUI system are scaled internally when the game is loaded, so anything that is will have to be rewritten to be dynamic with this bounty.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Several parts of the scale GUI system is implemented internally in the GUI library. These parts of the code will be difficult to make dynamic.

Eric's Opinion: The author of our GUI library did not design it to handle GUI scaling as it comes from the days of 4:3 monitors. Folks running 8k resolution on 12" displays were not even a thought in imaginations back then. So, I hacked our GUI scaling implementation. This bounty would have me fix some of that mess. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it without a major rewrite, but this bounty tells me to try.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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