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[$100] #312 Disable SQLite Threadsafety
Price: $100

Description: By default, modern SQLite is in multithreaded mode by default. This wasn't the case when I stated. In multithreaded mode, SQLite calls mutex which degrades the performance of the database. Since GearCity is currently single-threaded, this bounty would rebuild SQLite in single-threaded mode. This should have a slight increase in turn-time performance. Additionally, I will upgrade the library to the latest version, which should increase performance too.

This bounty will become obsolete if we implement more complex multithreaded setups for the game.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: If we implement advanced multi-threaded setups or multiplayer, this bounty becomes obsolete, as we'll need some thread safety. However, we will still get the benefits of upgrading the SQLite library.

Eric's Opinion: I've periodically upgraded the SQLite library over the years, as it's one of our major performance bottlenecks in the game. I'm not sure how much performance we get out of this bounty. It could be 0.1%, or it could be a 5% performance boost. It's a gamble.

Some cheaper threading options are coming in the FBS. These shouldn't affect this bounty. But full-blown multithreading plans, multiplayer, and so forth would cause this bounty to be mostly obsolete. I also plan on updating the SQLite library with other bounties as well. This bounty is a roll of the dice to take seconds off your turn times.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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