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[$800] #304 | Different Vehicle Type Trims
Price: $800

Description: Currently, when making a trim, you are locked to the vehicle type of the base model. This bounty allows you to change the vehicle type so long as you're not using a unibody chassis.

The new design will share only a fraction of its image ratings with the base design. The game will reduce the development time and cost savings to reduce the likelihood of exploitation.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: This might lead to exploits where people abuse this feature for the development discounts. We may need heavier restrictions to penalize this, such as completely removing the price discounts.

Eric's Opinion: It was common in the early years of the auto industry to have multiple vehicle types using the same base vehicle name. For example, the Model T had Sedan, Phaeton, Pickup Trucks, and Van configurations, just to name a few. Even in modern times, a vehicle can share the same types, such as a Honda Civic Coupe and Sedan.

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