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[$500] #303 | Unlock AI Logos
Price: $500

Description: The current game limits you to a small selection of logos when starting your company. These logos are a bit uninspiring.

In addition to that, you rarely see many of the AI logos in the game. There are several bounties to show off those logos more. This bounty takes it one step further.

With this bounty, we'll create a collecting mini-game with AI logos. As you take over companies in the game, you will "unlock" that AI's logo for future use when you create a company. You'll also unlock AI and unique logos for completing achievements (you won't need to be logged into GOG or Steam for these). And the game will also award logos for good behavior like doing tutorials.

This bounty will include a redesign of the logo selection screen. I will use some of this bounty's funds to pay for additional unique logos. Unlocked AI logos won't be available in the marque creation system because AI companies are likely using them.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty may become more expensive than expected because of the requirements to log unlocked logos, the redesign of the logo selector, etc.

Eric's Opinion: For some reason, player logos didn't turn out so well. They weren't based on programmer art, so I think the artist wasn't inspired. Many users over the years have requested ways to use AI logos. This bounty gives us a fun way to give more logo options to players with a minimal amount of new logo creation.

Links:  It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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