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[$1000] #295 | Select Suppliers
Price: $1000

Description: This bounty adds a new system to the phone menu. It allows you to select primary parts and material suppliers. Different suppliers have different costs but will also change the attributes of your vehicles. For example, a premium supplier might increase your unit costs by 10%, but you will get a 15% bonus on luxury ratings. Or a supplier might be -5% cheaper, but you get -10% to the quality rating.

You can only select one supplier per category per marque. We'll have several different categories, ranging from parts, to electronics, to paints, to leathers, etc.

When selecting a supplier, the game will lock into a length-negotiable contract with that supplier. The supplier's effects will change slightly every year, which means you could sign up with a great supplier, but in 2 or 3 years, be overpaying for what they offer.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Some players will want to pick suppliers for each model. I think that will be too much micromanagement. We need a good mix of suppliers for this to work well. Suppliers also change ratings every year, which might cause some player confusion.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty will give the player some hedging options in the game. It will allow the player to make long-term choices that will affect their company's direction. Sometimes that will work out great. In other times it will work against them in the long run.

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