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[$500] #292 | Local Taxes
Price: $500

Description: You can never escape the long arm of the tax man. In Classic GearCity, we do have some taxes, but not enough. The game is missing Business Licenses fees, Real Estate Property Taxes, and Personal Property (the equipment used) Taxes.

This bounty will add two additional tax rates to each city for local corporate taxes and a property tax rate. The former is a flat percentage based on your area revenues (branch revenues), and the latter will be on the property value of your real estate and equipment.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Local tax laws are different everywhere. Some use flat fees, some use percentages, some are progressive, and some are regressive. Some places have property taxes, and some places do not. Some tax equipment you use, and some do not.

We won't be able to model every place's tax schemes accurately, which might confuse people who don't have to face these issues in their locale.

Eric's Opinion: The game doesn't tax you enough. Not that big businesses pay much in taxes, but some local governments can squeeze a little more out of businesses. This bounty will help make lobbying even more important. It will also increase the prices of the vehicles as players pass the costs along to customers. Both are good things. We like adding more expenses to the game.

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